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  • Afriski Mountain Resort (Lesotho)
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Mac-Africa Tourism

Mac-Africa Tourism was formed due to our love personally for traveling and coming to the realization that being involved over the years in a few unique destinations, we realized with the post Covid pandemic, there was still amazing opportunities for any would be traveler to experience the many offerings there is in remote destinations and in particular within Lesotho, the Mountain Kingdom, as we truly believe Lesotho Tourism & Adventures have long since gone fairly unnoticed as of yet, more so from certain parts of South Africa where it seems there has been no real drive to ensure people from throughout South Africa as well as further afield worldwide, come to realize that the amazingly beautiful Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, has so much to offer for many of us as tourists and adventurers.

We are in the process of forming an association of entities as such, all with interests in tourism and hope to try and capture the imagination and spirit of many would be travelers, to numerous places throughout Lesotho and the surrounding areas in South Africa and as far as the Mighty Zambezi River, at our fishing camp @ Kanyemba. We are also looking at getting involved in the building and developing of a new lodge in Bilene, Mozambique, with an associate and where we may look at running the new lodge through ourselves, at Mac-Africa Tourism.

We have lodging availability in various unique destinations & in regards to accommodation at Thamathu Village just outside the SNP with Khotso, as they have extensive knowledge over the years throughout Lesotho, at the extremely remote and beautiful Sehlabathebe National Park as well as various spots within the Drakensberg & Underberg area.

With regards to requests for accommodation, tours, walking or horse trails at Khotso Lodge or within Lesotho, please can you kindly contact the following emails or numbers:

Email: mackafricatourism@gmail.com - info@khotso.co.za - sehlabathebenationalpark@gmail.com 

Mac-Africa Tourism No' +27 76 640 3653 (Johannesburg) John

ZK Safaris No' +27 82 895 0382 (Kanyemba, Zimbabwe) Nic

Khotso No' +27 82 412 5540 (Underberg - Thamathu / Sehlabathebe, Lesotho) Steve / Lulu / Kelly

Check out our affiliates as well as our partner/links pages to see what's on offer:

Cardoso Portuguese Kitchen Bar & Lodge +27 82 902 0535 (Johannesburg)

Green Lantern Inn +27 58 671 0027 (Van Reenen Pass, Harrismith)

Maluti Tours + 27 66 295 3981 / +27 82 329 1629 Clarens (Maliba Lodge / Afriski Resort, Lesotho)